Skills based knowledge... for the most part that's what I'm into: immediately applicable information and technique to enhance your inherent competency set upon a foundational understanding of human psychology and physiology.  I strive to impart a deeper understanding of the why and how of the skills we're learning. My approach consist of nontraditional lecture coupled with hands on application.  

From hand drill fires to handheld two-way satellite communicators, the many schools of thought on wilderness survival can be seen as a spectrum from completely primitive technologies to modern. What defines wilderness survival for an individual is often influenced by a single point on this spectrum and not a broader awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of any one method. Recognizing the inherent value of a varied skill set, I seek to offer training that utilizes the easily learned and executed survival skills from throughout this spectrum and broadens the concept of survival to include providing for the ill and injured during wilderness emergencies. With emphasis on prevention, preplanning, and prior practice you'll gain a systematic approach that prepares you for the mental, physical, and emotional realities of an actual survival scenario.  


I am available for private and group lessons for single or multiple subjects. I've presented to extremely varied groups from very young kiddos to military special operations units. I'm adaptable and prefer to tailor curriculum to a group or individual. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for contact me and let's see if we can work something out. 

  • Thermoregulation; Primitive and Improvised Shelters
  • Hydration and the Landscape; Water Sourcing and Purification
  • Practical Fire Building, A Less Primitive Approach
  • Friction Fire Techniques
  • Survival Kit Production and Utilization
  • Primitive Survival 101
  • Intermediate to Advanced Survival Skills

Specialized courses

  • Survival Preparedness for Healthcare Providers

    In addition to the medical skills needed to manage a patient in an extended care situation, many wilderness emergencies require the ability to provide for the survival needs of oneself, team, and patients. A planned and practiced means of producing effective shelter, potable water, sustained warmth, quick calories, and an ability to communicate to other rescuers should be considered a minimum. By integrating the practice of these skills into realistic extended care scenarios you will prepare for the mental and physical realities of providing for yourself and your patients with limited and improvised materials under adverse conditions. You will refine your personal survival gear and learn a systematic approach to wilderness care that overlaps with your existing patient assessment system. 

  • Survival Medicine

    We'll look at case studies of actual wilderness and urban disasters and learn the skills necessary to assess and treat the conditions encountered. We'll look at emergency medicine through the lens of survival, exploring the immediate and long term management of trauma and medical patients under austere conditions with minimal supplies. 

  • Winter Survival for the Mountain Traveler

    Winter backcountry travel meets emergency response. Participants will learn the prevention, pathophysiology, and treatment of hypothermia and other cold injuries. We'll expand our winter tool kit beyond shovel, beacon, probe to address survival and medical needs while maintaining a fast and light approach for the minimalist. 

  • Environmental Emergencies

    An expansion of my EMT guest lecture format, we'll practice the relevant treatment models for backcountry travelers and professionals, Search and Rescue, Basic Life Support, or Advanced Life Support providers. We can explore the entire array of conditions or focus on the most relevant for a given group: Hypothermia and Cold Injuries, Heat Illnesses and Hyponatremia, Submersion Events, Lightning, Altitude Illnesses, and Bites and Envenomations. 

  • And More...


"I worked with Trenton to expand my survival skills into the primitive survival realm. He helped me gain a solid foundation for primitive survival, ranging from sourcing and creating a bow drill, debris hut and a lean-to shelter. Having had very little experience in a primitive survival situation, I now feel confident about these basic skills. Trenton is a patient and generous teacher, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I had a solid grasp. I highly recommend hiring him for one-on-one lessons or for a group lesson."

-Liz Song, Creator of Snowqueen & Scout